15  Example Projects

15.1 NITRO

The best example project to check out might be the Narrated Illustration of a Transparent Review Outline, or NITRO. NITRO is a bare-bones but narrated illustration of an (excessively simple) scoping review.

It is hosted at https://gitlab.com/sci-ops/narrated-illustration-of-a-transparent-review-outline, which is a Git repository. That means that you can easily download all files (for example in this zip archive) or clone the project. The rendered R Markdown file is served by GitLab Pages at https://sci-ops.gitlab.io/narrated-illustration-of-a-transparent-review-outline.

15.1.1 Preregistrations

Note that you have to open the PDF in these preregistrations!

15.1.2 Real-life projects

In addition, this is a list of example metabefor projects. They vary in scope: for example, some are bachelor’s or master’s thesis projects, others are done in the context of a PhD. thesis or are community-run living reviews.