19  Example Projects

19.1 NITRO

The best example project to check out might be the Narrated Illustration of a Transparent Review Outline, or NITRO. NITRO is a bare-bones but narrated illustration of an (excessively simple) scoping review.

It is hosted in this Git repository at GitLab. That means that you can easily download all files (for example in this zip archive) or clone the project. The rendered R Markdown file is served here by GitLab Pages.

19.2 Ongoing projects

These are the Rxs specification spreadsheets and Git repositories for a number of ongoing projects.

19.3 Preregistrations

Note that you have to open the PDF in these preregistrations!

19.4 Finished real-life projects

In addition, this is a list of example metabefor projects. They vary in scope: for example, some are bachelor’s or master’s thesis projects, others are done in the context of a PhD. thesis or are community-run living reviews.

  • Drugs and Crime Scoping Review, GitLab
  • Habituation versus Inhibition in Exposure Therapy, OSF
  • A Systematic Review of Works in Quantitative Ethnography, OSF
  • Extending the Earcheck Living Review, OSF, GitLab, GitLab Pages, Rxs Spec